About Us

Bit Trade is a provider of services and tools for purchasing and selling the Bitbon digital asset.

Innovative technologies used for that are the Company’s own developments mainly aimed at providing secure, efficient and transparent mechanisms for operation of Bit Trade. All purchases and sales of the Bitbon digital asset carried out through Bit Trade are recorded in the blockchain, which ensures the highest level of information transparency and integrity.

In accordance with IAS 38 “Intangible Assets”, the Bitbon digital asset is an intangible asset, which is also confirmed by scientific and legal opinions “Legal Nature of the Bitbon System’s Functioning” and “Digital Assets as an Object of Legal Regulation”. The Bitbon digital asset is property in digital form circulating under the current legislation. Pursuant to Clause 6 of Ukrainian Accounting Standards, a purchased or received intangible asset can be displayed on a balance sheet if there is a chance to get future economic benefits from its use, and if the cost of such an asset can be determined.

In addition to the wide range of its main services, the Company provides competent informational and technical support in order to provide Customers with advice on the use of Bit Trade services on a timely basis.