Update of the Investbox Service
Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Dear Users of the Investbox service,

We would like to inform you that today the Investbox service has been updated. The update is driven by the comprehensive research of the service’s operation conducted by Bit Trade specialists. The changes integrated into this service are primarily aimed at improving the leadership and financial positions of participants in the Strategic Partner Program, increasing the availability of Investbox service products, as well as increasing the volume of remuneration for the promotion of IB packages and IB modules and optimizing the remuneration distribution system as a whole.

The update includes the following:

1. Reduction in the price of activating the IB modules of the Investbox service and optimization of the range of opportunities provided by them.


You can read more about the opportunities for a participant in the Strategic Partner Program in the Benefits of IB Modules.

2. Increase of remuneration for selling the Providing and Bit Trade Liquidity Staking IB packages up to 30%.

3. Optimization of the system for distribution of remuneration to Strategic Partners for selling IB packages and IB modules of the Investbox service.

Agent IB Module


Consultant IB Module


Adviser IB Module


Providing IB Package


Bit Trade Liquidity Staking IB Package


4. Changes in the value of remuneration for a Strategic Partner depending on their career level.


These changes allowed for a significant increase in the average value of the interlevel difference for Strategic Partners, namely:

  • for level 3 – by +48%
  • for level 4 – by +100%
  • for level 5 – by +95%
  • for level 6 – by +92%
  • for level 7 – by +73%
  • for level 8 – by +67%.
  • for level 9 – by +58%
  • for level 10 – by +53%
  • for level 11 – by +50%
  • for level 12 – by +48%

You can learn more about the new model of forming and distributing remuneration for selling IB packages and IB modules of the Investbox service, as well as other useful information in the following documents:

As an example, here is a comparative table with approximate values of monetary remuneration credited to Strategic Partners with different career levels for personal sales and sales of the Providing and/or Bit Trade Liquidity Staking IB packages made by the partnership structure before and after the update:


You can use the Investbox Calculator to calculate remuneration for a Strategic Partner with a different career level and trading turnover.

Thus, this update will significantly increase the leadership positions of Strategic Partners, their activity, as well as the level of income, which will provide conditions for further development and scaling of business of such partners together with Bit Trade.

Update of the Tradebox Service
Friday, May 06, 2022

Dear Users of the Bit Trade website,

This Monday, May 9, 2022, the Tradebox service will be updated. The update is mainly focused on optimizing the interface of the page for making transactions for purchase and sale of Bitbon units in the Tradebox service.

Bitbon unit is an element of the Bitbon software as well as digital access to the infrastructure of the Bitbon System social network of economic relations, and is a product by its content. This update is aimed at creating a more ergonomic user interface by eliminating underused components from the service functionality and streamlining placement of functional elements in order to improve the service usability.

The Bit Trade team is constantly working on improving the quality and efficiency of our services, and we are sure that this update will undoubtedly improve the terms and conditions for using the features of the Tradebox service by the Bit Trade Users.

Termination of Private Market Maker Service
Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Dear Users of the Investbox service,

The events of recent months have had a significant impact on the situation around the world, including the economy. In particular, they affected the activity of Bit Trade Users and Bitbon liquidity within the Tradebox service as well. Bit Trade, as always, takes care of its Customers and Partners. Therefore, in order to provide the Users with the opportunity to use their capital more rationally at this time, as well as based on subparagraph 8.1.10 of the Bit Trade Website Terms of Use, the Company has decided to close the Private Market Maker IB package. As part of the loyalty program, all Users who have purchased this IB package will be compensated for its cost, as well as for remuneration for open trading cycles.

Thus, starting from May 9, 2022, the Private Market Maker IB package will no longer be available, all open trading cycles will be automatically closed and Bitbon units, which were placed in sell orders within the Private Market Maker service, will be transferred to the Trading Account. Within 7 business days, each User who has purchased this IB package will receive a message with a voucher number in the amount of 220 USD in the Bit Trade account. Bitbons in the amount of 10% of the volume of the sell order, which was automatically cancelled as part of closing of the Private Market Maker IB package, will be credited to the Main Balance as well.

In order to further increase your capital, we recommend that you use Bitbon units received after closing the Private Market Maker IB package in the base services of the Bitbon System, in particular, in providing as a Registrator. To do this, you can replenish your Assetbox in One Space from the Main Balance on the Bit Trade website and connect this Assetbox to providing in the Bitbon System. You can read how to do this in the Instruction.

Launch of the New Bit Trade Liquidity Staking IB Package
Monday, April 18, 2022

Dear Users of the Bit Trade Website,

We would like to inform you, that on April 18, 2022, a new Bit Trade Liquidity Staking IB package was made available in the Investbox service on the Bit Trade website.

During complex and ambiguous geopolitical, as well as socioeconomic transformations, the issue of rational and efficient use of one’s capital is extremely important. Thus, for all Users planning to purchase bitbons, the Company launches a modern and high-tech Bit Trade Liquidity Staking Service, which will allow Users not only to save their capital using its functionality, but to receive guaranteed additional profit in this challenging time as well.

At the same time, each User can use their assets in liquidity staking from Bit Trade during a period selected by them. We would also like to inform you that additional remuneration is provided for Strategic Partners for a personal promotion of this IB package. You can read about this in the Investbox Product Line and the Principle of Forming the Value Added.

Transferring Accounts of Bit Trader Users Under Management of the Bitbon System Operator
Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Dear Users of the Bit Trade website,

As we have previously announced, the web version of One Space, a base service in the Bitbon System, will be launched on February 22, 2022.

In accordance with the Bitbon System Roadmap Bit Trade Markets Limited transfers the account information of Users of the Bit Trade website to the Bitbon System Operator, Integration ICN, in order to create Bitbon System accounts for these Users. After that, Users of the Bit Trade website will be able to use their logins and passwords for authorization in the One Space service.

A User, who does not agree with transferring their personal data, can contact the Bit Trade Support Service with a corresponding request until February 22, 2022. In this case, the Bitbon System account will not be created for this User, and they will need to register in the One Space service to access base services and activities in the Bitbon System.

Please note that accounts on the Bit Trade website and accounts in the One Space service will not be synchronized. This means they will be managed separately.

Information about account data and purposes of its processing can be found in the the Appendix to the Bitbon System Public Contract “Privacy Policy”.