Launch of Bit Trade’s New Services
Thursday, June 17, 2021

The global update of Bit Trade and launch of its new services will occur on June 22, 2021:

  • Investbox service, which will significantly expand the range of features and tools for partnership with Bit Trade to make a profit on mutually beneficial terms;
  • bitbon prime sell service with the ability to sell the unlimited number of bitbons with 0% fee;
  • service for buying and selling bitbons with 0.15% fee and ability to transfer bitbons to One Space.

Upon the start of Investbox’s operation, you will be able to purchase IB packages of the Sophisticated Investor Program as follows:

From June 22, 2021, Customers will get access to the purchase of the Mining Investor IB package, which will allow them to create and develop their mining pool and get a guaranteed remuneration every 72 hours.

The Company will give an opportunity to get bank cards from July 1 to July 15, 2021 to those Partners, who activate any of available IB modules during the migration period. Only after that, Bit Trade Customers will be able to purchase the Bank Card IB package.

We will inform you about the service for activating a bank card, Bit Space, in a news publication on the Company’s official website.

From July 5, 2021, Customers will get access to the purchase of the Private Market Maker IB package, which will allow them to automate their trading as a Market Maker through the range of special Bit Trade tools.

We plan to launch the Structural Investment Portfolio service for the Company’s Partners on August 10, 2021. Therefore, all investunits received by that date will make part of the Structural Investment Portfolio of a Partner.

The Company will pre-sell the Intellectual Investor IB package at a 50% discount during that period. Purchasing it will allow a Customer to become a student of the Academy of Information and Applied Economics and receive unique knowledge about advanced methods of carrying out socio-economic activities using the Bitbon System.

In addition, the “Investbox” section (“Dashboard”, “Tools” tab) on the Bit Trade website will contain the Investbox calculator, a Strategic Partner’s tool for calculating and predicting remuneration from sales and attracting new Partners.

We would like to recommend you to use the desktop or laptop version of the website for your convenience.

Moreover, a Telegram bot (Investbox bot) will be available soon, which will allow you to get information on activation of a module by the Partner in your structure, who has received the Strategic Partner status and registration of new Customers in the first three lines of your structure.

The Company has decided to conduct the Bitbon Staking promotion at the same time with the global update of Bit Trade. The promotion is limited and will be in effect until the launch of One Space. The promotion participants will receive 10% remuneration monthly based on the number of bitbons accumulated in their Main Balances.

Please note that remuneration will be credited for the bitbons purchased at the beginning of the transition period according to the updated Buy and Sell Conditions.

We will publish more detailed terms of the promotion on June 22, 2021.

Announcement of the following updates:

In autumn 2021, we plan to launch the Structural Investment Portfolio on UBK Markets included in the Exchange Investor IB package (investment in the instruments of the global stock market).

After that, we plan to give access to the Trading Systems IB package (trading algorithms for effective capital management) and Business Investor IB package (investment in promising business projects).

This list of IB packages available in the Investbox service is not full and will be extended as long as the products and services of partnering companies are being developed.

Cancelling Bit Trade Multi-Currency
Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Dear Bit Trade Customers,

The preparation stage of the Bit Trade transition period will begin soon. Once it happens, all Bit Trade transactions will be executed only in US dollars.

In this regard, we have decided to notify you in advance so that you could gradually withdraw funds in euro (EUR), Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH), Russian ruble (RUB) and Kazakhstan tenge (KZT) from your Main Balance.

Please note

Upon the start of the transition period, all funds in the above-mentioned currencies in the Main Balance of a Customer will be converted to US dollars.

In addition, funds in Trading and Contract Accounts, as well as credited remunerationunder the Affiliate Program, will be first transferred to the Main Balance and thenconverted to US dollars.

Additional Information on the Starting Date of the Bit Trade Transition Period and Launch of the Investbox Service
Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Dear Bit Trade Customers and Partners,

As you know, the migration of affiliate structures began two weeks ago. As a result, the updated structures will be formed in the new Investbox service.

The Company’s Customer Support has recently been receiving inquiries from the Partners who are not able to conduct the migration of their affiliate structures in time. In this connection, the Company has decided to extend the migration up to and including June 21, 2021.

Since the Affiliate Program is terminated upon the start of the transition period of the Bit Trade service, the decision to extend the migration is a particular opportunity for all active Partners who want to cooperate with Bit Trade on a long-term and mutually beneficial basis receiving a stable income.

As the affiliate structure can be migrated only until the launch of the new service, we would like to inform you that the global update of Bit Trade and the beginning of the Investbox operation will occur immediately after the end of the migration of affiliate structures, on June 22, 2015.

Upon the beginning of the operation of the Investbox service, its Users will be able to:

  • take advantage of the range of additional benefits with a branded Visa multicurrency card;
  • promote the Company’s products and services (purchase of IB packages and activation of IB modules) and make a profit for these activities.
  • make a passive income using the Structural Investment Portfolio that the Company builds for a Partner with the status of Consultant or Adviser and manages it without the Partner.

In addition, the global update will present a more user-friendly and improved interface of Bit Trade’s official website.

We would also like to remind you that, upon the start of the transition period, bitbons will not be transferred between Customers’ accounts in the Bit Trade service; instead, the transfers will be executed in a new service — One Space that we plan to launch during the main stage of the transition period.

Please note

You will be able to register BMA Contracts until 23:59 (UTC+3) of June 16, 2021. You can read the program of opening of BMA Contracts in the news article “Termination of the ‘Immersion’ Promotion” dated May 13, 2021.

Moreover, starting from June 22, 2021, after the global update, all transactions will be executed only in US dollars.

The information about these changes will be presented soon.

Termination of the “Immersion” Promotion
Thursday, May 13, 2021

Dear Bit Trade Customers and Partners,

We would like to inform you that at 23:59 (UTC+3) on May 21, 2021, we will announce the results of the “Immersion” promotion, which you can find on the “Promotion Results” tab in the “Affiliate” section in your Bit Trade account.

It means that you can improve your ranking by that time and receive corresponding remuneration.

Those Customers, who will get an opportunity for free activation of an IB module based on their ranking, will receive the amount of funds equal to the cost of a corresponding IB module that will be credited to the Main Balance. Afterwards, they will be able to activate a preferred IB module on their own.

If a Customer decides to activate an IB module worth more than the credited amount of funds, they can add a required amount of funds and activate a selected IB module.

In addition, all Customers and Partners, who have been ranked as top 50 and taken advantage of the special Offer from Bit Trade, will get alternative remuneration from May 25, 2021. You can learn more about the amount of remuneration in the news publication “Adaptive Format of the ‘Immersion’ Event” dated April 20, 2021.

We would like to inform you that upon the start of the transition period of the Bit Trade service, the Affiliate Program will be terminated.

In this connection and in relation to the launch of the Investbox service, we would like to offer all active Bit Trade Partners a unique right to become participants in the Strategic Partner Program of the Investbox service and transfer their structure to this service.

The migration of affiliate structures will last for two weeks starting from May 24, 2021 from 15:00 (UTC+3). As a result, updated and relevant affiliate structures will be built.

The “Affiliate Structure Migration” button will appear in the “Affiliate” section in the Bit Trade account of all Partners, and the click on this button will open the page for selection of an IB module and its prepayment.

Therefore, by activating one of IB modules, Customers will be able to:

  • become participants in the Strategic Partner Program;
  • keep their status in the affiliate structure;
  • promote the Company’s products and services as part of their affiliate activity;
  • receive a stable income from cooperation with Bit Trade.

Since the migration of affiliate structures does not influence the operation of basic services of Bit Trade, including the operation of BMA Service 2, the Company has decided to provide its Customers with an opportunity to register their BMA contracts until the end of the affiliate structure migration and global update of Bit Trade about the date of which we will inform you later.

Please note

Starting from May 16, 2021, upon registration of BMA Contracts, they will be opened during 5 days:

  • Basic Program: 2 BMA Contracts will be opened daily;
  • Standard Program: 3 BMA Contracts will be opened daily;
  • Premium Program: 6 BMA Contracts will be opened daily;

We would like to remind you that the first day of opening of BMA Contracts will be deemed the following day after their registration.

Adaptive Format of the “Immersion” Event
Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Dear Bit Trade Customers and Partners,

More than a month ago, we announced the event from Simcord for the Company’s active Customers and Partners, which was planned for May 2021 in Turkey.

Simcord conducted a lot of work to prepare for the event during that period. But, unfortunately, there are numerous external factors that influence planned events.

It is known how the world is unstable today due to the coronavirus pandemic. We all need to objectively analyze changes and respond to them in time. Therefore, Simcord has made an alternative decision to hold this meeting as online conference since there is a risk that people will not be able to attend the event in Turkey due to limits on international regular air flights.

Taking these circumstances into account, Simcord has also decided to make the live stream of the event open to everyone. This opportunity will become an undeniable advantage, which will allow significantly increasing the number of participants.

The following subjects will be discussed during the video conference:

  • Bitbon System as a new method of socio-economic relations.
  • Additional ways to use the Bitbon digital asset in trading.
  • Presentation of new products of Bit Trade and UBK Markets.

All participants will be able to ask their questions on the above-mentioned subjects and get detailed and meaningful answers during lively dialogs with speakers.

The live event will be streamed from May 20 to May 23, 2021.

The exact time of the event will be posted on the Company’s official information resources.

“Immersion” Promotion

We would like to focus your attention on the following moments:

  • the promotion from Bit Trade dedicated to the mentioned event is in effect on the same conditions;
  • the main benefits from the promotion prize fund remain the same, and part of special prizes will be replaced with the alternative ones. You can learn about the relevant prize fund in the Promotion Prize Fund document in the “Affiliate” section (the “Promotion” tab).

We would like to remind you that 100 Partners of the Promotion leaderboard will get the mentioned benefits and special prizes.

Please note
The leading participants, who will take positions from 1 to 50 in the ranking table, will get alternative remuneration for active participation in the promotion. Remuneration will depend on their positions in the ranking table and will be as follows:

1 – 10 places — 500 bitbons;
11 – 30 places — 300 bitbons;
31 – 50 places — 200 bitbons.

All Bit Trade Customers, who are not engaged in the Affiliate Program but will meet one of the conditions of the special Offer described in the news article “Special Offer from Bit Trade” (dated March 15, 2021), will get a branded Visa bank card and alternative remuneration of:

100 bitbons for the purchase of 1,000 bitbons;
150 bitbons for the purchase of 1,500 bitbons;
200 bitbons for the purchase of 2,000 bitbons;
300 bitbons for the purchase of 3,000 bitbons.

These assets will be credited to a Customer’s Contract Account and automatically converted into bitbons One Space. Therefore, as soon as the main stage of the transition period begins, Customers will be able to use them in the Bitbon One Space Buy and Sell Service and Consensus building mining in the Bitbon System.

Alternative remuneration will be credited after the “Immersion” promotion terminates, i.e. after May 16, 2021.


In accordance with the “Promotion Prize Fund” document, free activation of IB modules means that a necessary amount of funds will be credited to the Main Balance of a Bit Trade Customer, which will allow the Customer to activate a corresponding IB module. Free activation of the “Intellectual Investor” IB package means that once a Customer activates the “Investment Adviser” IB module, the Bit Trade service automatically activates the “Intellectual Investor” IB package for such a Customer.

We are confident that regardless of the force major circumstances and corresponding changes, our alternative meeting can attract a larger audience and become very useful for a majority of participants.