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Become a Provider

Earn a profit ofup to 30% per year

  • Connect to providing in the Bitbon System as a Registrator.
  • Guaranteed remuneration every 72 hours.
  • 100% transparent remuneration.
  • Get information on a pool 24/7.

New Technologies

Registrator’s Analytical Dashboard
This analytical dashboard is one of the main tools of Registrators in the Bitbon System that displays key information on all Assetboxes in all lines of a Registrator pool, which is more important, extended and detailed statistics on distributing remuneration for participating in providing.
Registrator’s Calculator
This calculator allows calculating the theoretically possible remuneration for your activities as a Registrator and ways of receiving remuneration with your specified parameters with the ability to select the prediction period using one of the proposed models.
Registrator Pool Modeling
This pool virtual modeling application allows Bitbon System Providers to model a pool to receive data on potential remuneration for their activities as Registrators and select the most profitable strategy of building their pools.
Adviser Bot
This specially developed adviser bot will help you receive timely notifications on the key events in your pool.
You can learn about providing in the Bitbon System and how to use tools on the website: www.bitbon.space/en/providing.

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