In accordance with the Bitbon System Roadmap, to exclude possible price manipulations, specific buy and sell conditions will be in effect on Bit Trade during the increase in Bitbon liquidity
Minimum account balance in bitbons
Minimum account balance in US dollars
Maximum account balance in bitbons
Not limited
Maximum account balance in US dollars
100, 000 USD
Balance above the specified amount must be agreed with the Company
Allowable price variation of a sell order* to be placed below the maximum price within the last 72 hours*
Maximum number of active bitbon buy and sell orders in a Trading Account
100 orders
Minimum step of change in a transaction volume
Minimum transaction volume
Maximum volume of a buy order
Not limited
Maximum volume of a sell order
1,000 BІTBОN
Bitbon buy fee
0.25% of the payment amount in USD, but not less than 0.01 USD
Bitbon sell fee
0.25% of the payment amount in USD
Minimum bitbon sell fee
0.01 USD
Order execution principle
Incoming orders (buy and/or sell) will be executed based on the time they are placed, i.e. the order placed first will be of the highest priority.

* Maximum price is the highest price of a bitbon buy and/or sell order executed over the last 72 hours.

* Order is a bitbon buy and/or sell order placed on the order board at the price specified by a User.

If an order is not executed within 90 days, it is automatically rejected by the system, and the User’s funds are returned to his/her Trading Account.