Commission* for Bitbon sale
10% of the amount of Bitbons to be sold
Commission is charged in Bitbons (according to the global marketing strategy published in the White Paper, this commission will be charged until the launch of Consensus building mining, and afterwards, it will constitute 0.25% of the amount of Bitbons to be sold)
Commission for Bitbon purchase
0.25% of the payment amount in USD, not less than 0.1 USD
Commission is charged in USD
Minimum account balance in USD
Maximum account balance in USD
1,000,000 USD
Balance above the specified amount should be agreed with the Company
Minimum account balance in Bitbons
1 Bitbon
Maximum account balance in Bitbons
Not limited
Acceptable price variation of a Sell order below the maximum price per a 24-hour period*
Maximum number of open positions and set pending orders in the Trading Account
5 orders
5 orders within 6 hours
Minimum step of change in a transaction volume
0.1 of base currency
Minimum transaction volume
0.1 of base currency
Maximum volume of a Buy Limit order
Not limited
For the initial period of the development of the Bit Trade Exchange and the establishment of open bidding on the Bitbon/USD instrument, in order to ensure more stable pricing and liquidity of Bitbon, a temporary condition will be in effect — maximum volume in USD of a single Bitbon Sell order
Maximum allowed volume depends on the Bitbon price specified when creating the order and constitutes from 5 to 1,000 USD per order. This means that the higher the Bitbon sale price you specify, the higher the maximum sale amount for a single order is in US dollars.
For example, with the specified Bitbon price of 10 USD, the maximum allowed sale amount will constitute 50 USD per order, with the Bitbon price of 20 USD, it will reach 100 USD, with the Bitbon price of 100 USD, it will go up to 500 USD and so on. The allowed volume for Bitbon Sell orders is calculated in multiples of 5 USD in relation to the Bitbon price, so, for example, if the specified Bitbon price is 37 USD, the maximum allowed sale amount will constitute 185 USD per order.
Not available
According to the results of trading operations, fiat and crypto currencies are exchanged based on the ratio 1:1
Order matching algorithm
FIFO (First In First Out) is an order matching algorithm, which operates according to the principle “first in, first out”. In the process of matching incoming orders, a Limit order placed in the order book first is processed earlier than other orders on the same price level.

* Commission is a service charge for each executed trading operation.

* Maximum price is the highest price of the executed order per a 24-hour period on a trading instrument.

* Leverage is a ratio between the borrowed amount and the volume of a trading operation.

* Limit order is a Buy or Sell order placed in the order book at the price set by the Customer.
If the Limit order is not executed within 90 days, it is automatically rejected by the system, and the Customer’s funds will be returned to his/her Trading Account.