2 Ways to GetExclusive Bank Card

1st Way

Buy for $350

Get an exclusive branded bank card from international companies and take advantage of a whole range of financial opportunities.

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2nd Way

Get it as a gift!

Become a Strategic Partner of Bit Trade and UBK Markets and get an exclusive bank card for business as a gift.

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7 Main Advantages for Cardholders

International transfers

Using this card, you can make payments and transfers anywhere in the world


This card is not personalized, which ensures anonymity when using it

Bit Space app

You get an account, access to which is provided using the modern Bit Space mobile app

Instant payments

Use your smartphone for instant and contactless NFC payments (Apple Pay and Google Pay)


You control and manage your finances 24/7

Funds withdrawal

You can withdraw funds from ATMs with NFC technology around the world

International payments

Pay for goods and services in 50,000,000 stores and online services in more than 170 countries

7 Key Opportunities for Cardholders

  • This card is multicurrency, which will allow you to perform financial transactions with 13 world national currencies
  • Receive income from cooperation with UBK Markets and Bit Trade directly to the card
  • The Company’s services allow you to add up to $100,000 to the card per day
  • Unlimited funds transfers between cardholders
  • You get access to:

    International and European payment systems SWIFT and SEPA

    Making payments using an IBAN bank account

  • Using this card, you can buy, store and sell different cryptocurrencies
  • Transfer your remuneration for participating in Consensus building mining of the Bitbon System directly to the card without limits
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